Phoebe Walker, MAL

After being accepted to medical school in 2001, Mrs. Walker’s educational plans were disrupted with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Five years later, disease progression left her completely blind in both eyes and incapable of doing all activities of daily living. After a year of fighting back, she was awarded the return of most physical of abilities. In addition, she rejoiced over a gradual yet continuous restoration of most of her vision. Even after this year in crisis, Mrs. Walker pushed on to return to University for professional education.

As of today, Mrs. Walker holds a Bachelor’s of Science in biology with a minor in environmental science, A Masters of Arts in Leadership, and a Life Coaching certification. Mrs. Walker has more than 20+ years experience in service, where she guided individuals suffering from life crisis circumstances, trained and lead youth, and worked to raise awareness for various health and charity events. Lastly, she has more than 12 years experience in public speaking where she has presented on personal development at churches, shelters, and public venues; emphasis on surviving hardships with good coping mechanisms, informative on health issues, and efforts to motivate individuals to personal action and personal development toward more resolution in their own lives.

During the 2020 quarantine from Covid-19, personal reflection was evidence that it was time for Mrs. Walker to do something with her life that brought enough personal happiness to overflow in a deluge of joy to those around her. It has been a true gift returning to her innate creative nature!